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Senior Goodbye: What They’re Going to Miss About Soka

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Soka chapter.

The time has come to say farewell to our seniors, but we’re not letting them leave that easily. We asked a few seniors what they’re going to miss about Soka and here are some of their answers. 

The community atmosphere and the connections that I have created with other people – Vanesa R.

My friends, the comfort, and the support – Saul H.

The campusShania D.

Security. I love Soka because it’s provided for me so much in regard to housing, people, food, etc. However, the rest of the world isn’t like that – Ellen K.

Being so close to my friendsCassidy L.

I will definitely miss my job at the Performing Arts Center, as it has been a very memorable and enriching experience during my undergraduate career – Karla R.

The support system which includes staff, faculty, and friends – Sung B.

Nellie Hultman is currently a sophomore at Soka University of America where she is studying Social and Behavioral Sciences. She is the Campus Correspondent for the Her Campus chapter at Soka. After living in 6 countries, she has developed a love for traveling, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, and trying new foods (lots of it). She hopes to continue traveling the world throughout her life. She plans to attend law school after college, and she desires to build a life focused on inspiring, empowering, and serving others. When she’s not doing homework or thinking about ways to change the world, you can find her researching unsolved crimes, singing in the car, watching Seinfeld… or eating.