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Senior Goodbye: What They’re Going to Miss About Soka

The time has come to say farewell to our seniors, but we’re not letting them leave that easily. We asked a few seniors what they’re going to miss about Soka and here are some of their answers. 

The community atmosphere and the connections that I have created with other people – Vanesa R.

My friends, the comfort, and the support – Saul H.

The campusShania D.

Security. I love Soka because it’s provided for me so much in regard to housing, people, food, etc. However, the rest of the world isn’t like that – Ellen K.

Being so close to my friendsCassidy L.

I will definitely miss my job at the Performing Arts Center, as it has been a very memorable and enriching experience during my undergraduate career – Karla R.

The support system which includes staff, faculty, and friends – Sung B.

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