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Senior Goodbye: What They Learned During Their Time at Soka

After four years at Soka, the seniors have surely learned a lesson.. or two. We asked them what they have learned during their time at Soka, and these are some of their answers. Make sure you take notes!

That people have different opinions and it is important to hear both sides of the argument before coming to a conclusion. Understanding others but also staying true to who you are Vanesa R.

Friendships are fleeting, so cherish the moments you spend with people – Valerie O.

To be confident in myselfSaul H.

Patience and time managementShania D.

Do not feed raccoons. Do not touch raccoons. Do not push yourself too much for what you want to do. I will still do so regardless Risa N.

You can’t love and appreciate someone to their fullest if you don’t love and appreciate yourself Ellen K.

How to listenCassidy L. 

At Soka I have gained a global perspective and critical thinking skills through meeting and working with people from all different backgrounds Karla R.

Be kind and show love to others. The culture of care idea may seem fake and unreal at times, but the connections that SUA folks have after graduation really put into perspective the power of love and kindness in impacting the lives of those around me – Sung B.

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