To Our Residential Men’s Rights Activist(s), From a Hysterical Femme

To our residential Men's Rights Activist(s):

Thank you for writing that post reminding us all of the scourge of defamation afflicting our campus. Thank you for your high-caliber reporting on the hordes of women running to the Office of Student Conduct screaming "wolf!" at so much as a misplaced glance. Thank you for deeming your femme peers so vapid, hysterical, and melodramatic that they would invent sexual assaults for the sake of entertainment and petty feuds. It seems you are so confident of their fraudulence that you would proclaim your doubt to the entire student body (as well as generations of alumni)! Revolutionary! Male victims are rejoicing everywhere! They were all thinking it, but you were the one to say something. Because of your heroism, the Great Silence is finally over. Finally, people will realize these claims of "sexual assault" are nothing more than the vilification of innocent men at the helm of impetuous women! Finally, women will think twice before even talking about sex, let alone sexual misconduct.

Your warning, albeit fleeting (posted and deleted in less than a few hours), was a truly hallowing reminder. It will always be about you-- there will always be a shrill man-child who defends toxic masculinity and the integrity of all men, who will always fight to discredit, undermine and invalidate femme victims of sexual assault, who rivet attention to their own inconvenience rather than to the corruption and malfeasance of an investigations system that clumsily bolsters false accusations and refuses victims justice. We heard you loud and clear and we are sorry our fight for assuagement and expertise has caused you such hardship-- it has been duly noted.


Hysterical Femme™

P.S. To hidden sympathizers, your silence speaks volumes. We see you.