Finals Week Survival Tips

We feel your pain; finals are upon us, which means no sleep, a lot of stress, and A LOT of coffee. We would tell you to take time for yourself, but we know that finals are a matter of life and death. So, here are our tips for surviving finals.  

Plan out the week beforehand with important tasks and small goals for each day - Amanda B.

Manage your time effectively, prioritize, get things done early, get enough sleep - Reina S.

Take space for yourself when you need to - Sophie R.

Get enough sleep and write down everything you need to do so you know how to pace yourself - Hidemi M.

Take a little break and breathe whenever you feel yourself stressing out. You got this - Clarissa C.

Take lots of study breaks - Megan C. 

Study with friends! And if your final is an essay, DON’T do the entire thing the night before it's due. It’s only going to make the entire process much more stressful than it already is - Monet S.