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We all come to college with excitement ballooning our hearts because hello- HIGH SCHOOL IS OVER. Which means maturity: no more tedious drama caused by puberty-struck teenage girls, no more passive aggressive mean girl wars, no more of that nonsense! So we walk into college campus expecting nothing more than young adults discussing things out in the open, acting their ages. But sooner or later, we figure out the truth. This letter is to all the drama dragged from high school (or middle school is it?) and lurking in the “need-to-grow-the-hell-up” side of college campuses!

Dear twisted words, fabricated facts, elaborate lies, and wrongful accusations—

1. Your content.

I’ll get even with you. Every incident you referred to, happened. But let’s be clear about one thing. Let’s just be honest for one second. All the twists and turns you put into my words, all the manipulation and fabrication you tainted my intentions with, and all the fake depictions you painted that are nothing more than cheap lies — at this point, they have become nothing but fiction. People do say what you throw is never received with the same blow, huh? Now I know the alternate meaning of that saying. Sometimes people can be so twisted and manipulative that they want to filter everything into what utterly victimizes them. Boohoo, poor me, isn’t that right?

2. Your manner.

I have so much respect for confrontations. But let me clarify because clearly, some people are confused. It does not make you confrontational when you smile and praise and thank me in our personal interactions yet turn your back to go 180’ from there to throw inflammatory stuff out loud and bail to hiding completely. That does not make you brave and confrontational; it makes you cowardly and fake. 

So thank you, twisted words, fabricated facts, elaborate lies, and wrongful accusations. You showed me that I am also human. I can also get mad. I don’t have to always smile through and clench my jaws. I can be infuriated, and you gave me the perfect reason to. So thank you. And fuck you.

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