7 Ways to Celebrate STI Awareness Month

1. Take a day trip to get tested

Been wanting to try out that new boba place or check out Forever 21's spring collection? There are about 650 Planned Parenthood locations in the United States, and even more hospitals and non-affiliated health clinics that provide affordable STI testing. Make an excuse to take that trip and feel good about it by getting tested wherever you go! 

2. Get tested with your best friend

Getting tested can seem scary! Sitting alone in the waiting room, wondering if the nurse will be nice, not having any recent magazines on the side tables. Bring a friend with you! Not only will this put your mind at ease, but it's also a way to bond. And whether your results come back positive or negative, you'll have somebody by your side. 

3. Get tested with your significant other

Do you know what makes sex feel even better? Knowing that you and your partner are doing it safely! And chocolate, which is a natural aphrodisiac. Celebrate your test results with some chocolate covered strawberries and some sweet lovemaking <3 <3 ALSO, keep in mind that regardless of your sexuality, if you're having sex then you're at risk for STIs. 

4. Get tested with your mom

STIs don't discriminate based on age, but unfortunately older people often don't feel the need to get tested. If you have a close relationship with your mom, ask her to get tested with you! Who better to make you feel safe and comfortable than the woman who's been doing that your whole life? 

5. Get tested instead of doing your homework

The one thing you want to do less than getting tested is your homework. Take a break from the 30 pages of tarea due on Wednesday by going to a clinic and peeing in a cup. That way you still feel like you're doing something productive without actually getting any work done. 

6. Get tested because you're due 

Every non-monogamous sexually active person should be tested every THREE MONTHS, or every year for you monogamous folx. If you're due for a screening, GET IT DONE. Feel good about yourself for not procrastinating this one, simple task and also feel good about not having undiagnosed STIs (which is more important, I guess). 

7. Encourage others to go get tested

Maybe you're on top of your game. Maybe you got tested last week or last month and you haven't had unprotected sex since. Maybe you're not sexually active. Whatever the reason, if you know for a fact that you don't need to be tested, that's great! But there's still a massive population of sexually active people who do need to get their butts to a clinic. Be the push they need.