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5 Tips to Successfully Pull an All-Nighter

1. Change Locations

Get away from your room, your bed, your cozy little shell. Walk outside, find a place and type away that paper! We are so much more likely to fall into our bad habits when we are at somewhere familiar. So stay away from that bed that will call you like the Sirens, tempting you to sleep or even worse, binge-watch Netflix! 

2. Room Temperature

I know, I know. I’m also a gal who is always cold and thus enjoys her cozy sweaters and scarves. But not when I have a pile of stuff to do and only one night to finish. Take that extra layer off, and bring down the temperature! We need the constant discomfort of that refreshing cold air to combat our rather strong enemy… called sleep and rest. 

3. Talk to Yourself

Don’t be afraid to seem crazy — after all, we are in college and everyone is crazy in college. You need to hear something other than the typing of the keyboard! Talk to yourself— what information do I need? I need to work on my introduction! How long do I want this paper to be? What sources should I use? Is it the morning yet? Why is the sky blue? Why am I doing this to myself? …Oops, just make sure you don’t talk yourself into an existential crisis. 

4. Coffee

Ah, the good old remedy to everything. Caffeine. After all, you are battling sleep. You are battling your brain secreting melatonin to knock you out. Keep the room bright and cool, and drink some coffee. Sip on it while you work. Not only will you feel like a young, aspiring businesswoman trying to work on something really important, but also you will actually stay awake to write your paper for Art History class. 


5. Chocolate

Now, we’re told not to eat too many sweets. I know. But sometimes all we need is some unhealthy boost of blood sugar to maintain us through the night! So don’t feel the shame. Use this as an excuse to binge munch chocolate! At least your paper will smell like sweet, sweet cocoa. 

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