5 Facts You Didn't Know About Star Wars

1. Orson Welles as the original Darth Vader

Orson Welles was originally considered to play Darth Vader because of Welles’ iconic baritone voice. But Lucas decided to change plans because, well, Orson Welles’ voice would be too iconic… and Darth Vader would be Orson Welles instead!

2. Theaters refused to show the movie

The original Star Wars film could only secure 40 theaters around the US to show the film. Who knew Star Wars was such an underdog?!

3. Not Yoda, Buffy

Yoda, Yoda, Yoda… This sage actually had a first name… and it was Buffy! Am I the only one thinking THANK GOD that he wasn’t called Buffy in the Star Wars Saga!?

4. “I am your father” was a SURPRISE

Perhaps one of the most famous and shocking lines from the entire Saga. "I am your father" was just as big of a plot twist to the cast as it was for all of us. Throughout the rehearsals they substituted the line for “Obi-wan killed your father” to keep it top-secret! 

5. There are no locations for Episode III

Unlike all the other episode’s beloved scene-shooting sites, Episode III does not have any sites or sets for die-hard fans to visit. This is mainly because Episode III was almost entirely shot on a soundstage!