Your Spring Break Guide to Tan Safety

Spring Break is the time for beaches, bathing suits and being in the sun. With summer right less than a week a way, tan skin is also coming up fast. Tanning has become a go-to for Spring Break, but tanning can be very dangerous done the wrong way. To be prepared for the sun's rays, here are a bunch of safety tips for the beautiful glowing skin.

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Jergens is very easy and safe for face or all over body tanning. It can become streaky because you are doing it yourself, however, if you use a glove or are very good at making circles then you will be fine. Mixing coconut oil with other self-tanners (the bottles you buy in drug-stores and Sephora) will make it not streak and also lasts longer.

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Homemade tans

There are many recipes on Pinterest that involve cocoa powder and coffee grinds. Personally, I have found that coffee grounds work better, but I also naturally tan fast so this could be the reason why. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, please do not use the homemade recipes. There are other ways, that I will get to, that you can use. Here is one coffee grounds recipe, but there are others that do not involve as much prep work, such as the one involving lotion mixtures.

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Outside tanning

I will put coconut or baby oil on my legs, stomach and chest before laying out by the water to enhance my tan. I want to restate that I tan easy, having Italian heritage, so things that work for me may not work the same way for you. With that being said, any tanning oil will help bring the suns attention to your skin. Be careful about using too much. You may tan but also burning can happen faster and easier when using any kind of oil.

Put sunscreen on your face and burn-prone areas (use 15 or 30 to still get tan but apply every 30-40 minutes that you are outside to prevent burning). Don’t think that using sunscreen is bad, sunscreen exists to help prevent the dangerous sun rays from going too deep in your skin. Yes, it prevents sunburn, but I think it should be more convincing that skin cancer is a real threat and the risk of getting it can be increased from excessive time in the sun. But remember sunscreen can help you and you should not be afraid to use it!

Overall tips:

- Use tanners that are made from natural products. Chemical-based tanners can cause skin irritation, rashes, redness and other unpleasant consequences.

- Watch how long you are outside for, and at what time you are outside. The peak hours are 10-4, this is when you will tan (but also burn) the easiest. You also do not need to be tanning for 5 hours.

- Using tanning gloves if you are using self tanners.

- In-shower tanners seem to work wonders!

- Tanning beds are very dangerous, but if you do decide to use them, use products that will make the tan last. This is so you do not have to keep going back often. Also, if I have to use a tanning bed, I try to limit it to 2 times a year.

- Spray tans are better alternatives and look very nice immediately.

- You do not have to be tan to be beautiful!

Tanning is fun, relaxing, and part of our summer routine. I hope you found this helpful so you can enjoy a safe summer tanning experience.