Your Guide to the 5 Best Ice Cream Places Around Campus

The transition from summer break to the start of the school year is rough, but there’s nothing that ice cream can’t fix. Luckily, there are plenty of great places around SMU to grab some frozen treats. Here’s my guide to the top five must-try ice cream spots around Dallas.

1. Pokey O’s

Photo via Pokey O's on Instagram

Not only does Pokey O’s make the best ice cream sandwiches, their location is super convenient! Less than a five minute walk from campus, Pokey O’s is the place to go for delicious Blue Bell ice cream and fresh cookies.  

Best Flavors: Butter Pecan, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cinnamon, Coconut Chocolate Chip and Salted Caramel

Address: 3034 East Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, Texas 75205


2. Creamistry

Photo via Creamistry on Instagram

Whether you like your ice cream in a cone, cup, sandwich or milkshake, Creamistry is the perfect place to treat yourself after a long week. They use liquid nitrogen to give their ice cream a unique flavor, and if dairy isn’t your thing, they also have sorbet and vegan options.

Best Flavors: Taro, Thai Tea, Strawberry, Coconut and Cookie Butter

Address: 1929 Greenville Ave, Dallas, Texas 75206

3. Sprinkles Ice Cream

Photo via Sprinkles Cupcakes on Instagram

Sprinkles is famous for their cupcake ATM, but their ice cream options definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. They have a wide variety of flavors, and if you’re still craving cupcakes you can combine one with the ice cream flavor of your choice to make a delicious sundae.

Best Flavors: Salted caramel, Red Velvet, Dark Chocolate, Pumpkin and Vanilla Bean

Address: 4020 Villanova St, Dallas, Texas 75225

4. The Dough Dough

Photo via The Dough Dough on Instagram

If you love to eat cookie dough, you should definitely hit this place up. Their ice cream flavors all have an edible cookie dough base, and if that’s not enough cookie dough for you, they also have cookie ice cream sandwiches and cookie dough sundaes.

Best Flavors: Cookies and Cream, Brownie Batter, Snickerdoodle, S’more and Birthday Cake

Address: 5915 Forest Lane, Dallas, Texas, 75230

5. Milk • Cream

Photo via Milk • Cream on Instagram  

Milk • Cream offers a variety of unique ice cream flavors and toppings, but the best part is definitely their donut ice cream sandwiches. For those of you that like to Instagram your food, they also have a super cute selfie wall so you can get the perfect pic with your ice cream.

Best Flavors: Red Velvet, Cookie Monster, Lavender Bean, Matcha Green Tea and Strawberry Cheesecake

Address: 5420 Ross Ave, Dallas, Texas 75206