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Words To Describe Yourself In An Interview

Interviews can be very stressful. It can feel as though that interview determines the rest of their life. News flash: IT DOESN’T. Yes, that interview may be important but if you don’t get this one, there will always be more opportunities. But with that said, you should still take every interview you go on as seriously as possible. Most people will only prepare for an interview by studying the company and their own resume, however, you should also study yourself. You need to be prepared for the strengths and weaknesses questions that are inevitably going to be asked. Here are some positive words you can use to describe you and your personality.

  1. Passionate
  2. Flexible
  3. Unexpected
  4. Admirable
  5. Trustworthy
  6. Honest
  7. Worthwhile 
  8. Persistent
  9. Resourceful
  10. Creative
  11. Confident
  12. Dependent
  13. Humble
  14. Caring
  15. Reliable
  16. Meticulous
  17. Impactful
  18. Seasoned
  19. Well-Rounded
  20. Curious
  21. Analytical
  22. Kind
  23. Resilient
  24. Connector
  25. Decisive
  26. Communicative
  27. Outrageous
  28. Energetic
  29. Experienced
  30. Innovative
  31. Organized
  32. Achieved
  33. Competitive
  34. Growing
  35. Accountable
  36. Community-minded
  37. Vibrant
  38. Adventurous
  39. Diligent
  40. Composed

There are many other words you can use too. You should make sure that whatever words you’re using should be appropriate for the kind of job (or internship) you are going for. For instance, you shouldn’t go on and on about how creative you are if the only thing you’ll be doing is data entry.  No matter what you say, always sound confident in your answer so you can truly show them who you are. 

Miranda is a Junior at Southern Methodist University studying Economics and Psychology, looking forward to a career working within the federal government. She has lived in multiple differnet cities, including Pittsburgh, PA (home), Austin, TX, and Dallas, TX. She is a loving mother to an adorable French Bulldog named Stella. One way to never have a boring conversation is to talk about politics. 
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