Why I Only Shop at One Store

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was surfing the internet when I stumbled upon this ad:

What once used to be the store known for its sweats and logo, A&F started its rebranding with this ad. It caught me. Abercrombie was making clothes for the woman I wanted to be. The people who wear A&F are the ones exploring life in their young adult years, making new friends in a strange city, finding love, risking heartbreak. Finding yourself. That was the message A&F was selling me. 

And I bought it. 

I went to the mall shortly after I saw this video. I found the A&F store in my local mall. I was absolutely shocked. Everything that A&F had in stores was absolutely made for me. Both in terms of style and fit. Since that trip I have never looked back.  

Let’s back track to my closet before I discovered A&F. I bought clothes from anywhere and everywhere. I didn’t really think much about my wardrobe as a whole. I’d buy things from H&M to Forever 21 to The Loft to Banana Republic. My clothes from the fast fashion retailers never fit properly and were always a little too weird for me to feel comfortable wearing them out in public. So I didn’t really wear them. The clothes from the upscale mature retailer were exactly that—too expensive for this point in my life and while they fit well, they were still too mature for me.  

Image via Nicolina Franke


Enter Abercrombie and Fitch. As I enter my young adult, college woman lifestyle, I want clothes that were more mature and felt grown-up. However, the problem is trying not to look too old and not breaking the bank. A&F is designed for me—a timeless feel, mature and elegant, yet at the same time youthful and flirty. With each piece I felt like I could be eating brunch in the city or doing homework at a friends apartment. Versatile, comfortable, classic and ultimately perfect for my lifestyle. More than that, they fit me physically. I don’t know how they did it but they solved the equation for fitting young women appropriately. I can’t really think of any retailer that can solve that equation for what A&F offers. If you want further proof I’ve ordered online multiple times from them;  I’ve never returned one item based on the fit alone. 

In comparison to fast fashion, each piece of clothing is built well enough to last at least three years. But more importantly, why would I replace an item when it’s such a classic style? If you’re afraid of the price point, it’s half the price tag of a similar store such as Madewell. If you check the website often enough you’ll discover they have sales every other week, including their massive 60-70 percent off sales that occur at least two to three times per year. In one of my favorite hauls, I spent $120 for 11 pieces – basically 10 dollars a pop! 


Image via Nicolina Franke


The impact that A&F has had on my life is much more than just one outfit. The last time I was home, I cleaned out my closet and removed anything without an A&F label. I now consider my closet a true-to-form wardrobe. When I browse online or in-store, I consider how a piece will fit into my wardrobe with what I already have. However it’s not hard to make additions when Abercrombie makes it so simple to add from their various collections. 

Perhaps the best part of my new shopping venture is when my friends tell me, “That is so cute, where did you get it?” I smile and merely say, “Abercrombie and Fitch.”

Don’t believe me? Check out their website for their newest fall line.