Why Everyone Should Be a Little More Like Cher Horowitz from "Clueless"

While people may think that Cher Horowitz may be just a ditzy blonde with a credit card, that couldn't be further from the truth. Throughout the movie "Clueless," we see Cher grow up and develop new understandings of friendships, love and self-realization. Plus, she has an incredible fashion sense that captures all things '90s and makes viewers extremely jealous.

Here are a few life lessons to abide by as taught by the experiences of Cher Horowitz:

1. Be picky with the people you date.

You deserve the world, so why settle for someone who can’t give it to you.

2. Self-care should always be a priority.

Focus on the health of your mind and body, even if it means reading a novel solely dedicated to dating or learning an extra vocab word or two. 

3. Do nice things for others.

Whether it’s setting up friends or organizing events for charitable organizations, donating your time for the benefit of other people should always be on your agenda.  

4. Family is everything. 

Whether it’s curbing unhealthy habits or assisting in a court case, Cher is always there for her father, proving how important it is to do things for the people we love. 

5. Stick up for yourself.

If you aren’t happy with the direction your life is heading in, it’s time to advocate for yourself. Never apologize for demanding what you what you rightfully deserve.