What NOT to Say to Your Friends Who Are Graduating

Graduation is almost a month away! And if you or a close friend is walking the stage May 18, then that month will definitely fly by. While this time is exciting, it can also be a time of mixed emotions. Moving on from college can be unsettling, and not every senior knows exactly what their life will look like in the coming months. So many seniors are freaking out about the future and sometimes the tiniest things you say can make that freak out even worse. I’ve prepared this guide explaining the best ways to show your graduating friends that they’re loved and will be missed!


Don’t say: “You’re soooo lucky you’re getting out of here! I’m jealous!”

Yes, many of us (myself included) are thrilled to leave SMU. However, this means figuring out some real grown-up stuff. Finding an apartment in a new city? Don’t be jealous.

Say instead: “I’m so excited for you!”

This conveys the same idea while supporting your friend and suggesting that the future can be fun and full of possibilities.


Don’t say: “What are you doing after graduation? Do you know yet? Where are you working? Where will you live? How much money will you make? Holy crap, how will you live on such little money?”

Yes, some Cox superstars know exactly where they’re working and how they’re going to spend their six-figure starting salary. And mad props to them. But some seniors are still figuring out the answers to these questions and dealing with constant interrogation can get taxing.

Say instead: “Tell me about your plans for the summer.”

This is way more low key, and you’ll probably get the information you’re looking for about post-graduation plans without giving your friend a panic attack.


Don’t say: “And you’re still single, right? Meeting people is going to be harder after graduation."

This one should be self-explanatory.

Say instead: Nothing. Just nothing.


Finally, remember to call up your senior friends and spend time with them as much as possible while you still can. Enjoy and cherish your friendships and let them know how much they’re loved!