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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMU chapter.

            Rush week is a stressful time for all. No matter which side you are on – whether you are looking to join a house or are already in one – everyone is nervous. As a girl who went through rush last year, though, I can assure you that the nerves and anxiety are 100 percent worth it. While sorority life is not for everyone, I believe joining a sorority is one of the best choices I have made. If you are looking to join a house, too, be sure to NOT do the following:



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1. DO NOT bash any house

Whatever you do, do not speak poorly of any house! Everyone is listening, and you never know who they are going to tell. Additionally, if you are speaking to one of your Rho Gammas, you do not know what house they are a part of, so be sure to be sensitive to that as well.

2. DO NOT lie or be disingenuous

Be sure to be your authentic self when conversing with girls in each house. The in-house girls want to get to know you for YOU! Talking about your true interests and passions will lead you to the right house for sure.

3. DO NOT be closed-minded

Go into the week with an open mind! Although you may have opinions of some houses before the week begins, speaking with the girls one-on-one each day may shift your ideas.

4. DO NOT settle for something that’s not right for you

At the end of the day, your happiness is all that matters. Do not join (or not join) a house if you do not believe it is the best fit for you. While you need to “trust the process,” you also need to trust your gut and make sure you feel satisfied and excited for the future.

5. DO NOT talk about other girls rushing

This week is all about YOU! Make sure to keep each conversation about you, and not your friends, whether speaking about them positively or negatively. This is your time to shine, so use it!

6. DO NOT stop talking during a conversation

The in-house girls examine your ability to keep a conversation going and how you act in social situations. No matter what, push each conversation as far as it can go. You can do this by answering each question to the fullest extent and even asking them questions back!

Paige is a junior at Southern Methodist University located in Dallas, TX. Majoring in Journalism and minoring in both Ethics and Advertising, Paige aspires to be an editor one day for a lifestyle magazine. Paige loves dogs and hummus, and she will ALWAYS be ready to go out for a hamburger at 1 a.m.
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