What to Know Before You Get Your Covid Vaccine

This past week, I was very fortunate to get my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and it definitely was a unique experience. The location where I got my vaccine was very well organized and it went by vey quickly, but there were a few things that I wish I knew before I got my vaccine. Here are a few tips to make your experience hopefully a little bit easier!

  1. 1. Drink Lots of Water Before and After Your Appointment

    Lemons in water jug on table with cloth

    This was something that I learned from one of the people helping check me in for my appointment. She said that by drinking water and staying hydrated, especially after the shot, it would help assuage any negative side effects of the vaccine!

  2. 2. Have Your ID Ready

    In order to check into my appointment, I needed an ID to check in (I brought my drivers license). This may seem simple but it will really help speed up the process if you make sure you know where your ID is before checking in.

  3. 3. Wear A Short Sleeve Shirt 

    Woman meditates with her eyes closed

    This is another one that might seem super simple but it was something I did not think about! Since you will be getting the vaccine in one of your shoulders, it is really helpful to wear a t-shirt, that way you don't have to do any rearranging/taking your arm out of a shirt. You could also wear a tank top and cardigan- essentially, just wear something easy to have a shoulder out.

  4. 4. Bring Something to Put Your Vaccine Card In

    Everyone who gets their vaccine will be given a vaccine card as a record for their first dose and it is very important that you keep a hold on that card. I brought a purse so I could immediatly put my card in once I didn't need it out anymore. I was very nervous about losing it somehow and this was a good way to assuage my fears.

  5. 5. Thank Everyone

    There are so many people that are helping the process of getting a vaccine happen, from the doctors and nurses giving the vaccines to those checking you in when you arrive, and they are working very diligently! Thank everyone that helps you because without them we would not be able to get these vaccines!

I hope these tips will help you when you go to get your vaccine! Stay safe and healthy!