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Valentine’s Day Treats that Aren’t Chocolate Hearts

Some of us learned to equate Valentine’s Day with candy back in elementary school, when paper Valentines were routinely distributed with solid chocolate hearts taped onto them. Sweet! I definitely did not spend time worrying about bloating and tooth decay back then. Fast forward a decade or so, and those of us who try to stay away from overly sugared and fatty indulgences may be looking for different, lighter kinds of Valentine’s Day treats. Here are a few suggestions:

For just a touch of chocolate on an otherwise healthy treat, try calling 1-877-DoFruit and check out what Edible Arrangements has to offer. Strawberries , bananas and even pineapple bites dipped in chocolate can be sent right out. With all of that Vitamin C, potassium and fiber, you’ll be in for a healthy treat, though not without paying a healthy fee. An example of pricing: A box of a dozen chocolate-covered bananas goes for about $25.

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, give Sweet Factory a google. For just under $40, you can order enough chocolate sunflower seeds (5 pounds, to be exact) to share with, well, just about everyone you run across on Valentine’s Day!

Sick of chocolate altogether? Central Market at 5750 E. Lovers Lane, sells yummy gummy bears in bulk. How cute would they be packed together with a Cuddly Hearts pink teddy bear ($16) from Build-a-Bear at North Park Center? See if you can get someone special to stuff the trademark Build-a-Bear heart in the teddy for you.

For something even less sweet, you can always try the old tried and true option of a heart-shaped pizza. The Papa John’s (3501 McKinney Avenue) version of this savory treat starts at $15 and can be delivered almost as quickly as you can say, “Be Mine.” Load on the veggies and you’ll even manage to add some nutrition and fiber to your Valentine’s Day treat – and avoid the day-after chocolate bloat.

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