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Top 10 Foods to Try at the Texas State Fair

Your guide on how to eat the weirdest fried foods in Texas! 

Texas Cream Corn Casserole Fritters

This is basically a fried version of a Southern grandma’s cooking. The fact that it comes with queso sauce is a plus for sure!

Peanut Butter Cup Snookie

I have to say this looks like a sweet tooth’s heaven. Chocolate, ice cream and peanut butter! I mean, what could go wrong here?

Deep Fried Chicken Cordon Blue Stuffed Waffles

Savory and sweet? Count me in! It’s like chicken and waffles without the mess – or the Fair’s take on a luxurious meal.

Loaded Baked Potato Funnel Cake

There’s not much potato in sight, but wow this one is a beauty! It’s a funnel cake that supposedly tastes just like a baked potato. The toppings are making my mouth water!

Deep Fried Nutella Custard Stuffed French Toast

I’m obsessed with anything that has Nutella in it! Combining breakfast with Nutella is a winner, and I cannot wait to try this.

Fried Southern Bourbon Bread Pudding

New Orleans meets Texas! This fried dessert is about to make me cry, it looks so dreamy. Brown sugar, bourbon, and bread – what more do you need?

Cajun Crab Bombs

Hold up, this delicious, spicy creation has TWO types of seafood in it: crab and jumbo shrimp. This savory snack is deemed spicy and yummy. It looks like a giant crab cake with a little something extra.

Southern Fried Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Ball

I had no idea this existed, but now I have to eat as many as I can! This thing is the monster of carbs, but wow, it looks heavenly. Combining chicken and pasta to create a small snack is definitely worth waiting in line for!

Ruth’s Stuffed Fried Taco Cone

This is basically a main dish served at a tex-mex restaurant in a cone! Beans, marinated meat and rice are all served in a tortilla cone, ready to be devoured.

Deep Fried Energy Bites

Healthy food and fried food unite! Getting these are the best way to indulge at the fair without overdoing it. Fried protein balls are the way to go!

The State Fair of Texas is a great way to spend time with family and friends. Everyone should come down and pig out on unique fried foods!

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