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Things to Do For Fall Break If You’re Not Headed Back Home

If you’re like me and have been looking forward to Fall Break pretty much since classes started, then you know that you want to maximize your time off classes in a short period of time! If you’re not heading back home for the weekend and still want to have an amazing time, here are four things you can do as you discover Dallas.

1. Go to a Haunted House

Cutting Edge Haunted House is voted one of the best Haunted Houses in America and the World’s Largest Haunted House. Open all Halloween season (from September 15 to November 4), this haunted house is perfect for all fear fanatics who are looking to get a jumpstart into fall!

2. Go to the Texas State Fair


Photo via Ruhi Deshmukh


Can you really say you’re a Texan until you’ve been to the State Fair? It’s only open for a few weeks (from September 29 to October 22), so come and get ready to try food that you never knew could be deep fried. You haven’t lived life to the fullest until you’ve tried deep fried butter (yes, it’s real). 

3. Lake Day

As you wrap up your last few days of summer, spend your weekend soaking in the sun on either Grapevine or Lewisville Lake. Grab some friends, rent a boat or a kayak, and spend the day on the waves. 

4. Klyde Warren Park

Take advantage of Texas’s warm weather and take a walk through Klyde Warren Park.  For your relaxing Sunday excursion, Kylde Warren has everything from food trucks to music. This is the perfect way to spend the day enjoying the outdoors.

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Ruhi Deshmukh is a freshman at Southern Methodist University on the Pre-Business Track. Ruhi loves to eat and is always down for a food run. When she's not eating, napping, or watching TV she spends an embarrassing amount of time on Twitter laughing at memes.
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