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Things are heating up: Super Tuesday update

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMU chapter.

Today is a huge day for the election, it’s Super Tuesday! Lots of candidates have passed through here recently because our state is a major benefactor of delegates on Super Tuesday. Aka it was your chance to potentially spot the future President!

However, there’s also a lot of antics taking place by all the candidates. In my opinion, it seems like the candidates are just getting more and more aggressive towards one another instead of focusing on their policy and how they want it enacted on President Obama’s legacy. Donald Trump wants to build a wall and cancel Obamacare and Hillary Clinton claims to continue on the “third term of the Obama administration.” It’s just a complete mess and reminds me of reality TV for the President. It’s even more comparable to reality TV with Donald Trump’s experience on “The Apprentice.”  Here’s a quick update from each party and something to look forward to.

Republican party:

Donald Trump claimed a victory in South Carolina and Nevada and also has a lead in the South for Super Tuesday (he is currently top in the polls). This is a threat to Ted Cruz’s candidacy who depends heavily on Evangelical voters and the traditional establishment Republican base of voters. There have been many social media standoffs amongst the Republican candidates and bloodshed in the PAC-run ads in many Super Tuesday states. Chris Christie’s endorsement of Donald Trump provoked great surprise after prior attacks but is now under attack from his previous donors. Everyone should keep an eye on Twitter because it seems most of the showdowns are on there.

Democratic Party:

Hillary Clinton took both South Carolina and Nevada recently and has focused on continuing her campaign with minorities and talking to many candidates. She is winning in demographics that she did not win in her prior run to be the Democratic candidate and this is putting her farther in front of her opponent, Bernie Sanders. Clinton currently leads in Super Tuesday pollsTulasi Gabbard, the vice-chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, resigned in order to endorse Bernie Sanders. She is well-known for fighting establishment Democrats, something Sanders is well known for doing.

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