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Taylor Corrigan

Taylor Corrigan from Las Vegas, NV doesn’t have the typical part-time job of many college students. The sophomore, who is majoring in Marketing and minoring in Education, designs and sells her own jewelry line called Tay. HerCampus talked to Taylor to find out more information, including how you can buy these amazing pieces!

How did you get started making jewelry?

TC: I started making friendship bracelets with my cousins out of yarn when I was younger, and then it just kind of escalated and I started using beads and other things besides string. And then when I was in junior high my grandpa opened up a bead store and that is when I really started making the kind of jewelry that I make and sell today.

Is it difficult to balance with your extracurricular activities and schoolwork?

TC: I wish I had more time for making jewelry, but my schedule is so busy I usually just end up being able to work on a piece over the weekend if I have time. Last year it was a little bit easier for me to find some free time, but after this year gets going and everything settles down a little bit, hopefully I will find a little bit more time! It is hard though because I want to make jewelry rather than study, but there are so many extracurricular activities and stuff always going on that I have to make sure I balance everything!

Where can readers purchase your jewelry? What is the price range?

TC: I used to sell my jewelry in a little boutique in Newport Beach, CA during the summer, but now that I’m in Dallas I haven’t found another store to sell it in, but hopefully I’ll be able to sell it somewhere soon! Right now, I just sell it to my friends from my house. My jewelry ranges in price, but pieces are usually any where from around $35-100 dollars depending on what stone and materials I used, and what type of design it is.

What is something most HerCampus readers probably don’t know about you?

TC: Something readers might like to know about me is that one day I hope to have my own store and just make jewelry for a living!

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