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Surviving recruitment 101

Sorority recruitment is just around the corner and everyone is excited. The active sorority members are looking forward to a new pledge class and potential new members are over the moon about finding their home until graduation. Rho Gammas can give you all the advice and pamphlets they can but there are a few recruitment hacks they don’t fill you in on.

Avoid the dining halls

During recruitment you have a break for lunch, but it only lasts an hour or so. Avoid the dining hall or places in Snider Plaza. They will be overrun by the 500 to 600 girls that are going through recruitment. That means long lines and no time to eat. Instead, have lunch in your room, whether it is a salad from whole foods that you got the night before or soup you can heat up in the microwave. You’re guaranteed lunch and maybe even a little time alone to gather your thoughts and spare your voice.

Don’t take off your shoes

It sounds weird but if you take off your heels, your feet will swell and they will be even more painful to put back on. Don’t take them off until the day is over. You can survive even if it feels like your feet are going to fall off.

Pack Listerine strips

Unlike gum or mints, Listerine strips dissolve quickly and are small enough to pack in your pocket, or even your bra. Fresh breath is crucial. You will be in a crowded room and practically shouting at the members of the sorority. They will remember if your breath isn’t fresh.

Avoid your friends

Recruitment can be a really stressful time. If your experience isn’t going as planned, or if upset people around you easily stress you out, remove yourself from the situation. Every girl going through recruitment is either happy because it is going exactly as planned or they are heartbroken because the house they love just released them.  Go to the gym or read a book at a coffee shop. Just take some time to be alone after the days full of sweat, tears and estrogen.

Otherwise, do what the Rho G’s tell you. Lay out your clothes the nights before, set your alarm, let your personality and style shine through and trust the system.

CarleeAnn Allen is a senior at Southern Methodist University majoring in Journalism and Psychology. Between finding new places to eat and pretending she has her life together, she enjoys taking naps and being active in her sorority.
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