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Student Discounts You Might Not Know About: It’s Time to Take Advantage!

Tired of breaking the bank, but still in need of a little retail therapy? Or maybe you’re craving a meal that doesn’t involve swiping your ID card and standing in a  buffet line, clutching a cafeteria tray. The good news is that there are businesses in the area that want to serve SMU students so badly they’re offering some nice discounts just to get us in the door.  Take a look at the savings we can take advantage of just by being a Mustang.
J. Crew.  If you’re like me and just discovering that Dallas temperatures really do drop below 80 degrees in the late fall, then you’re probably in dire need of a cozy sweater or two right about now.  Stop by J. Crew at NorthPark Center and select your favorite style.  Flash your SMU ID card and enjoy 15% off your entire purchase.
Madewell.  If J. Crew doesn’t have what you need, head to NorthPark’s upper level and check out Madewell.  The SMU discount is the same as J. Crew’s – they’re sister stores – but Madewell’s merchandise and price points are designed to be “simpler.” 
Kate Spade.  Also at NorthPark, this boutique offers the designer’s handbags, clothing, jewelry and accessories, including hats and scarves, barrettes, legwear and key fobs.  You know you want this stuff – and how often is it marked down?  For Mustangs, it’s 10% off every day.
Deluxe Nail Salon.  Just across the street from campus, Deluxe Nails at 6413 Hillcrest loves Mustangs so much, it even has our logo on its website.  To show the love, the salon offers SMU students a 15% discount on all services, including manis, pedis, facials, waxing, makeup services and massages.   
eatZi’s.  For a quick meal that’s a change of pace from campus offerings, eatZi’s at 5600 W. Lovers Lane, features “gourmet on the go” meals, discounted by 10% for Mustangs.  Call ahead with your order, and you can grab it at the Pick Up desk, located at the front of the store.
Vapiano.  Looking for a place to celebrate a birthday?  Try Vapiano, a contemporary Italian restaurant at Mockingbird Station.  Yes, you have to stand in line to order, but the mouthwatering pasta and pizza are anything but cafeteria food.  Even better:  On Sundays, entrees are half-price for SMU students.  Buon appetito!

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