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The Stages of Having Bangs As Told Through Gifs

At some point in your life (or if you’re like me, many times in your life), you’re going to think, “I should get bangs.” And let me tell you, as someone who currently has bangs, DON’T DO IT! If you need proof, here is the inevitable, cruel cycle of bangs. 


The Seed of An Idea

You see a photo on Pinterest or Instagram of a girl looking effortlessly cool with bangs. You look up websites and apps to see how you look with the same type of bangs. Of course, you look amazing.


You text your friends asking for their opinions. 

They all tell you no! But, of course, you do it anyway and you feel fierce. 


For a while, everything is amazing. 

You don’t know what your friends were warning you about! The bang life is the best life. You love your bangs.


Then, your bangs start growing out.

You can’t see anything (ever) because your bangs are always in your face, and you can only see when your bangs are in that one perfect position.


Finally, you decide to cut them.  

That’s the thing: hair grows. And yeah, you could go to your hairdresser and get your bangs trimmed for free every week, but that’s so much work. Do you really want to drive all that way for five minutes of trimming and then leave? Of course not, you’re just cutting a little bit of hair. Youtube has tutorials for everything, including how to trim your bangs.


You make your first cut.

And you’re thinking this hairdressing thing is easy. You’re an independent woman who can cut her own bangs.



But then, you trim too much on one section.

And then you have to trim more on the other section. It’s like trying to get your winged eyeliner the same on both sides. It won’t happen.


The great thing about hair is that it grows back!

So, with some bobby pins, you can hide the fact that your bangs look awful. After a couple of days like this, you start to miss the fringe. You style them and live your best bang life, but then you remember why you pulled them back. 

You decide after a couple of months, that you can never do the bang thing again.  

It’s too much work. 

But then a year later, you want to do something wild with your hair. You realize you loved when you had bangs.  

So you get them, and this entire cycle starts again. 

Anna Butcher is a freshman at Southern Methodist University studying Film and her dream job would be working for Food Network. She loves to write, watch and talk about movies (Clueless is her favorite ever). When she's not writing here, you can find the link to her short stories or poems on her instagram: @anna_butcher
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