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Staff Spotlight: Meet HCSMU Staff Writer Karna Small

Our writers spend their days writing about the many opportunities on campus, the nuances of college life, and some of the coolest people to meet here at SMU. Today, our team is excited to let our readers get to know more about one of our own, staff writer Karna Small!

HCSMU: What are you studying? 

Karna Small: Marketing and Public Relations.

HCSMU: What year are you? 

KS: First-year.

HCSMU: What do you do with Her Campus SMU?  

KS: Write weekly articles and run our Pinterest page.

HCSMU: What other organizations are you involved with (Greek life, volunteering, clubs, etc.)?

KS: I’m on the club volleyball team.

HCSMU: What has been your favorite class at SMU? Why? 

KS: My DISC 1313 Newswriting Class with Professor Coats. This class is also a PR prerequisite, so we got to do an internship during our first semester of college, which most people don’t get the chance to do.

HCSMU: What does your dream future look like?

KS: Above all, I hope my future involves me being happy, healthy, and surrounded by laughter. I’ve always had this desire to become a successful food and travel blogger, so if that takes off in the future I would be thrilled.

HCSMU: What has been your favorite adventure to date?

KS: Traveling across seven cities in Europe over a two week span during summer. I learned a lot about my independence, and I got to spend two weeks constantly going outside my comfort zone.

HCSMU: What’s the biggest thing on your bucket list right now?

KS: To travel to all 50 states and then conquer the places around the world featured on my Pinterest board.



India is a former campus correspondent at Southern Methodist University and a former national news blogger at HerCampus.com. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @IndiaPougher!
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