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            Believe it or not Spring Break is in TWO weeks!! As I see it there are five different options that are being considered for this upcoming spring break: Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, exotic family vacations, Breckenridge or other ski trips, or a visit back home.

  1. Bahamas. There are two main hotels that people stay at for a spring break in the beautiful Bahamas: The famous Atlantis hotel and the Riu. The Riu is located right next to Atlantis and is the perfect spring break spot for college kids. It is all inclusive including alcoholic dispensers in your hotel room. The other plus of the all inclusive is the ability to try any drink and not feel guilty throwing it away if it isn’t your kind of drink. The Atlantis has beautiful exclusive pools, a casino, and the nightclub Aura. Between getting your tan on with all your best friends and going to Senior Frogs and Aura, Bahamas is a perfect Spring Break spot!
  2. Cabo San Lucas. Cabo is the quintessential Spring Break spot for college students. For those who have ventured to Cabo, and even those who don’t, know of the famous Mango Deck. In order to have a great time your hotel must be close to the Mango Deck. Whether you choose and all inclusive resort or stay at a hotel such as the Me, you will be guaranteed a great spring break and obviously come back with a nice tan from that Mexican sun.
  3. Exotic Family Vacations. While this may not be the craziest Spring Break (that actually depends on how crazy your family likes to get), it does make for a great break. No matter if you are going to Bora Bora, Hawaii, or even just New York City, getting in some family time is always good for the soul, and your wallet!
  4. Skiing Trips. This might not be the tanning and all day drinking fest that might be the typical “spring break experience,” it will still be an incredibly experience. Skiing/Snowboarding is not just a great workout 
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