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SMU’s Leading Ladies: Morgan Reiner

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMU chapter.

Courtesy of Morgan Reiner

SMU is proud to be home to world changers, and it all starts with the moment a student decides to become a leader. We are proud here at Her Campus to present SMU’s Leading Ladies, taking charge and making a difference in the community.

This week we had the pleasure of getting to know Morgan Reiner, a junior studying Mechanical Engineering and preparing to take part in the 4 +1 Accelerated Master’s program for Engineering Management.

For now, Reiner is dedicating her time to a number of groups on campus. She serves as the Vice President of New Member Education for Alpha Chi Omega sorority, is a member of the Lyle Ambassadors, works an on-campus job with Dining Ambassadors, and tutors once a week. In addition to her variety of commitments, Reiner serves as Vice President of External Affairs for the Society of Women Engineers. 

“I plan the Girls Inc. events and get the supplies for them,” Reiner said. “For our last event, we got a grant from our nationals, and Exxon Mobile sponsored it. I had 20 robot kits, solar powered, around 25 dollars apiece. Because of the grant, each girl at the event, about 20 girls, got to take them home. They got to build their robot, but it was one of the kits where you can make 14 different robots, so they can take it apart and rebuild it at home.”

Girls Inc. events partner young underprivileged girls in the Dallas area with college mentors for after school programs. 

“They’re so excited to learn!” Reiner said. “Seeing the joy the girls get from it, helping others and making their lives easier, is so inspiring.”

Reiner herself has always been deeply invested in her love of math and science, as well as service to others.

“They were my favorite subjects,” Reiner said. “Part of that is the amazing teachers I had who were able to explain it and create that passion in me, I’ve always enjoyed helping others understand math and science so they can get excited about learning and education. I love problem solving and helping others. What’s really worth it is seeing the girls after they get super excited about an activity. It’s about the hands-on experience.”

When asked what advice she had for others around campus, girls and guys alike, she stated advice she has clearly taken herself:

“Give other what you can. Get involved. Be prideful of everything you do. Keep in mind what really matter to you.”

For her, her studies and her service to others are at the top of her priorities list. Her motto has become “The only one limiting yourself is you.”

“Someone told me this when I came into SMU. Coming into college, knowing the opportunities you have are limitless, it can be overwhelming. But I also learned the faculty here will help you get to where you want to be and what you want to do as long as you have the passion to do it,” Reiner said.

As to where she wants to be after school, Morgan says she has one goal in mind for the moment.

“I want a job where I can feel like I’m really able to contribute,” Reiner said. “I don’t know what company that will happen at, or where I’ll be, but I’m not too worried about that yet.” 

Wherever she goes, we at Her Campus SMU have high hopes for Morgan, with her proven leadership abilities and enthusiasm for helping others succeed with her, and are proud to call her one of SMU’s Leading Ladies.

Callie is a sophomore at Southern Methodist University, double-majoring in French and Fashion Media and minoring in Journalism.
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