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SMU Summer Studies

While some SMU students spent their summers traveling abroad, some took on the working world, while others simply lounged poolside at home. Despite the diverse summer schedules of the students, life at SMU went on without them.  For the months of June and July, SMU’s boulevard was packed with students rushing in the extreme heat to class.

SMU’s summer school program seems to be a popular choice every year for students who want to pick up more credit hours and extend their social time in Dallas. Junior Kelsey McFarlin discusses her summer school experience.  “I love doing summer school because it gives you so much free time. I am able to put all my focus into the one or two classes I am taking, and school doesn’t consume my life like it does during the year.  It gives me time to relax and have fun in Dallas,” she says. McFarlin explains, “There is so much going on at SMU during the summer. The social scene is definitely still thriving.”
Many students from the class of 2012 and 2013 decided to spend their summer months out of the country both taking SMU classes and traveling.  Junior Rachel McCartha says, “Going abroad was a life changing experience, and I couldn’t have spent my summer doing anything else.  I did the SMU-in-Paris program and took two classes.  The program was great because I got to explore Paris and get both of my CF credits out of the way.”

Many students describe the summer as being the perfect time to take SMU classes abroad because of its length.  McCartha adds, “It’s ideal since it is only 5 weeks whereas if you study abroad for a semester, its 4 months.”  Senior Julie Collins discusses her time spent in London while participating in SMU’s Cox School of Business Internship Program, “It was such a great experience. I loved being immersed in a different culture and working with others abroad.  A group of us even were able to go to the Royal Ascot Races!”

After such a busy summer agenda, it is hard to believe that summer is already over.  Classes on campus have begun and students have made their way back to the Lone Star State.  Memorable stories and summer experiences are being shared throughout campus, making the start of fall 2011 that much more exciting!

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