The Single Girl's Way to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Who made it a rule that just because it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re valentine-less, you’re obligated to mope around the couch and binge watch chick flicks while shoving rocky road in your mouth. Whether you’re a professional at spending Valentine’s Day single or never spent a Valentine’s alone as long as you can remember until now, I’ve compiled a list of praiseworthy plans to make your February 14ha little more bearable, if not fabulous. Here’s to celebrating with your girlfriends! I promise it’ll be better than being anti-Valentine’s Day!

1. Fifty Shades Pinker

Whether you’ve read Fifty Shades Darker or not, this cheeky film is a must-see! Not only did they perfectly (and strategically) plan to release this movie on Valentine’s Day but also it’s as if they knew that the majority of the human population would love to see Christian Grey shirtless on the most romantic day of the year. Grab a couple of your single girlfriends, throw on your fuzziest sweater and smuggle in a heap-ton of snacks. Relax, unwind and eat that popcorn girl!

2. Valentine’s Day Shindig

Who says you can’t get dolled up in red for Valentine’s Day, you can and you can host it too! Throw a little red-themed dinner party and invite all your single friends. You can make adorable heart-shaped sugar cookies, a DIY chocolate covered strawberries station and even create a homemade photo booth with lip props. You can’t have a party without blasting Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” but I can’t promise your male attendee’s will shake their hips to that.

3. Pink Elephant

Pink elephant is our made up term for a gift exchange with your closest single girlfriends on valentines. There are plenty of simple gift ideas that range from grown up friendship bracelets from Nordstrom to little mini goody bags that you can compile from target. Only one rule and that’s to make sure to set a budget just so one doesn’t end up going overboard! Pick the apartment with the comfiest couches, fuzziest blankets and pantry stocked up to its capacity to do the exchange! Bam, you’ve celebrated your very first pink elephant

4. Spa Loving

What girl doesn’t love a spa day? What better way than to pamper yourself with a mani, pedi and a charcoal face mask. For it being the day for love, we often forget to love ourselves. Unwind with a bubble bath and treat yourself to some chocolate. Some? I actually meant a box of chocolates. Don’t forget to light up some lavender scented candles and before you know it, you’ll have your very own 5-star spa. Whoever said you needed to head to Tahiti for an enjoyable escape was obviously mistaken. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

5. Plan a Getaway

This would presumably have to be pre-planned but it’s never too late. Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to road trip with your girlfriends and make some wonderful memories. Or if you’re feeling really bold, hop on a plane and sunbathe underneath a cabana or spoil yourself in the city with a shopping spree. Whatever makes your heart full and your soul happier.