The Scaredy-Cat's Guide to Halloween

A time of ghouls and goblins galore, Halloween can entice people with the idea of fright. However, if you are like me and are afraid of even your own shadow, being frightened does not seem too appealing. For this reason, I stray away from classic Halloween festivities such as haunted houses and horror movies. Instead, I try to engage in more “family-friendly” activities, leaving me spirited without feeling scared. Here are a couple of ways to enjoy the holiday in a non-fearful way!


1: Create Fall Treats


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I think it is universally agreed that Fall is the best season for snacks. From apple cider donuts to pumpkin pie, there is no shortage of sweet treats (many of which you can make on your own!). Create some fun, fall-themed foods to brighten up the holiday, so you can feel festive and full all at the same time!

2: Host a Halloween Party


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And I’m not necessarily talking about your average “frat party.” Throw a Halloween-themed party filled with good music, friends and of course, costumes. You could even organize a costume contest to add to the fun, and you can present your new fall snacks!

3: Those Big, Round, Orange Things


Photo by Wonderopolis


That’s right, I’m referring to pumpkins. What better way to spend the holiday then going to a pumpkin patch! Dallas, in particular, is home to some of the most beautiful pumpkin patches; the pumpkin exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum is especially beautiful. Make sure to bring home your own pumpkin to carve and decorate!

4: Halloween Specials


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While the majority of shows during the month of October are on the scarier side, there are still some shows that play to the lighter side of Halloween. Personally, I like to get nostalgic during this time and watch some of my favorite Halloween specials as a kid (Charlie Brown, anyone?). Cuddling up on the couch with these feel-good films is the perfect way to spend your Halloween night!

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