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Whose side are you on? The Republican National Convention vs. The Democratic National Convention 
Although it is difficult to have our minds wrapped around the upcoming boulevard, the impending cooler we have to make for formal, and the forthcoming all-nighter we are about to spend to make an A on our economics exam, there is a world outside of SMU. The world around us that we so often forget about has been focused on more scholarly issues, such as the upcoming presidential debate, the impending election, and the forthcoming fate of our nation. Just last week, the Democrats and the Republicans finished their presidential nominating conventions, both attempting to persuade the viewers that they have the best path in mind for our country, yet the two paths couldn’t be more different. 

While Obama and Romney both painted contrasting visions in our head, one thing stayed consistent; they both highlighted the past four years under Obama’s control. While at the Republican National Convention, Republican senators and supporters took jabs at Obamacare and his lack of job stimulus; Democrats took the stage to admire Obama for the hope and change he has provided for the country. 

At the Republican National Convention, Romney succeeded in humanizing himself, previously being criticized for having a robotic like presence in comparison to the over empathetic and charismatic Obama. The use of homemade videos in the video biography established Romney as a father and a husband, not roles that many Americans see him as. Ann Romney shared the tragic moment she found out she had multiple sclerosis and how her husband had helped her through it, standing by her side every step of the way. Besides appealing to the audience through his family values, Romney was awarded with applause for his poignant prods at the President, saying, “You know something’s wrong with the job [Obama] is doing as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him.”

On the other hand, Obama stayed the course, delivering an eloquent, optimistic speech on the further progress of the country. Instead of taking risks, Obama took the opportunity to appear stable and repetitive of his past goals. It was truly Michelle’s speech that made an impression on the crowd, talking about how no amount of money could compare to how hard you work. Describing both the diligent backgrounds of herself and Barack, Michelle appealed to the average, common American by exclaiming that they were one of them and therefore, Barack would do everything in his power to protect their rights.

Despite which candidate holds your vote, make sure to stay involved with the election. No one wants to be the obnoxious person who acts like a know it all, only to get shot down by real evidence and facts. So make sure to stay knowledgeable and informed, as well as to cast your vote!

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