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Riverdale Is Basically Gossip Girl 2.0

The CW’s Gossip Girl let us into the world of Blair and Serena, gave us an unrealistic idea of what it means to be a teenager and a idealistic view of growing up on the Upper East Side. Their new show Riverdale could be considered the 2017 GG revamp. We’re only 7 episodes deep and here are some similarities already spotted:

I mean come on, let’s start with the obvious – a best friend blonde and brunette duo? Not going to say Blair and Serena coined this, but Blair and Serena coined this. Riverdale gives us a new #goals duo to pine after. Meet Betty and Veronica, and yes, the CW got real creative- they call each other B and V.

Cheryl Blossom might actually be Georgina Sparks. Not only does she have a weird dark presence, her friendemy relationship with Veronica is concerning, also there is clearly some demons in that fabulous closet of hers.

One less lonely boy – Dan Humphrey has made a revival as Jughead Jones, a moody writer. Like Dan, he seems to be an outsider looking in on the world and the other characters. Jughead narrates the story for us, which gives us major GG feels. Although he falls into the background most of the time, he is constantly present and assumes the role of pushing the plot line forward.

Step back Nate – there is a new Archibald in town. Riverdale is set in the world of Archie Comics and so far the storylines have revolved around Archie’s character. He is the preppy athlete that all the girls are already fawning after. Isn’t it a little ironic that Nate and Archie both have a thing for the older ladies?

The parents even give us GG déjà vu. We have Veronica’s mother, Hermione Lodge, who gives off the same strong woman vibes as Blair’s fashion mogul mother, and who’s also married to the head of Lodge Industries. And we cannot help but see a little bit of Rufus in Mr. Andrews, who’s coincidentally having an affair with high school sweetheart Lodge. Hmm.

Taylor Hintze is a junior at Southern Methodist University majoring in Engineering Management Science & minoring in Fashion Media. She loves writing the campus cutie section & is always on the hunt for the perfect man bun. If she isn't in Starbucks then she is checking out a local SoulCycle class in search of a straight male instructor.
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