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Rewatching Childhood Movies: High School Musical

Last week, I thoroughly enjoyed ruining the film staple of our preteen years, “Twilight“, and this week, I’m back to do the same with “High School Musical!” As a kid, I loved this movie and I still love this movie, but now, I realize there are some obvious eyebrow-raising plot lines.


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1. This entire movie is a musical within a musical. Musical-ception?

2. Troy started to sing at the New Year’s party and then started to leave right after his first verse finished. He really would’ve just left Gabriella up on stage to finish the song by herself. Prick move, Troy.

3. Next time you watch this movie, just watch the crowd in the background while Troy and Gabriella are singing at the party. Each character in the background is hilariously awkward.

4. Am I the only one who wants to hear the full story of Troy’s “pink jelly”? When Gabriella walks into homeroom for the first time, Troy is talking about a wild night that I’m itching to know about.

5.  Mrs. Darbus invented “extra.” I mean, who else sits on a throne in her classroom?

 6. Chad is kind of the most close-minded person ever.

 7. When all of the guys shoot their ball after the practice musical number, they all shoot at once… which means that the majority didn’t go in or get even close to the rim. Also, pick up your balls after practice! C’mon guys, common athlete courtesy.

 8. An open letter to Chad: Preschool didn’t have homework, you just pour sand into cups and learn how to tie your shoelaces. And if you’ve been behind on homework since preschool, how did you get into high school?

9. Troy hides behind a broom cart during free period musical tryouts, but he manages to “hide” in the most noticeable spot ever.

10. If Kelsey hadn’t tripped at the audition, the rest of the movie wouldn’t have even happened. This film depends on Kelsey being adorkable. 

11. In “Stick to the Status Quo,” the sound coming out of Generic Skater Dude’s cello is actually electric guitar, not a cello sound.

12. Of course, how can we forget the famous “how did Sharpay not see Gabriella in the bathroom” scene?

13. Similarly, when Troy stomps out of the gym after his fight with his dad, how did he not see the six guys dressed in bright red uniforms standing by the door?

14. When the entire team rips into Troy for being in a musical, how did Troy not see the laptop open and the webcam set up?

15. Gabriella starts singing in the stairwell, which is absolutely vacant, about her heartbreak… and then after the song ends, BAM, the entire school is in the hallway.

16. Taylor says to Gabriella, “we were jerks… no, we were worse, we were mean jerks.” C’mon, Taylor, you’re the head of the Scholastic Decathlon team, you should be fully aware that your sentence is redundant.

17. So when Troy goes to see Gabriella at her house, I just noticed that Gabriella most definitely got the master bedroom in her house. She has a balcony, a fireplace, and a sitting area. How did she convince her mom to take a smaller room?

18. When the basketball guys spell “Go Drama Club,” Ryan is staring intently trying to read it as the guys file past him back into the classroom…

19. The Scholastic Decathlon is evacuated because of a really bad smelling concoction, most likely made by the East High team on purpose. Well, if the mixture ended badly, it meant that East High lost that round.

20. Okay, when Gabriella and Troy sing “Breaking Free,” when did Troy have time to change out of his uniform? The entire team came in their uniforms…

I will forever love the High School Musical trilogy, but as a kid, I never truly thought about the immense number of plot holes in this movie.

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