Pros and Cons of Having a Car at College

You can get by without having a car but once you have one, you forget how you even functioned without one. Before driving your car across the country to bring it to college, make sure to weigh the pros and cons.



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1. You can explore more of the city around school.

2. You can apply for off-campus jobs.

3. Shopping at the grocery store is now so much easier.

4. No more sketchy Uber rides by yourself, because you're now the driver.

5. Alone time (which can include karaoke sessions at your own discretion).




Image via Unsplash


1. When you don't have a car, you burn lots more calories walking everywhere.

2. You see more friends walking around school than you would driving.

3. It will take you longer to find parking than it did to actually drive where you wanted to go.

4. You now have to pay for gas, parking permits and possible car issues like flat tires.

5. Get ready for friends to ask for endless rides and never pay you back for gas.


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