POK The Raw Bar: Is it Worth the Hype?

HCSMU staff writer Fara Qutub reviews the latest food-stagram craze to hit the metroplex.

We all know the latest craze is the whole POK idea, but what’s so awesome about the POK raw bar? Well, I’m here to tell you! It’s SMU’s go-to for lunch that’s not only fast, but also healthy and delicious. If you like sushi but technically in a bowl, you have to try this! It's located on McKinney Avenue, right in the heart of Uptown. With their selection of POK bowls ranging from spicy tuna to albacore mango, there’s bound to be something on the menu that you love. Their selection of matcha teas to pair up with your POK bowl make it a perfect combo.


Their ingredients are gathered from local farmers and their unparalleled fish are flown in daily. They like their food to stay the freshest possible, so produce that is in season will make an appearance on their menu! The albacore fish is wild and caught from Fiji and Japan. The salmon is sourced from Scotland where they are farmed responsibly, with the proper diets and no added hormones. The Yellowfin tuna is wild caught from the Pacific Ocean.


Fun fact: All bowls are 100% gluten free!

Spicy Tuna: If you’re into spicy aioli and you’re a fan of avocado, this bowl will be your new best friend. The sauce is to die for and the perfect balance if you like a little more thickness to your sauce. It’s definitely one of my tops!

Spicy Ponzu Tuna: If you’re more into a green, tangy kind of bowl, then this is it! Spicy ponzu, red onions, cilantro and kelp noodles make this bowl unique! It has a specific taste that appeals to anybody's taste buds.

Albacore Mango: If you’re into fruity and citrus like bowls then you’d love this! It's made with a mix of citrus ponzu, mango, micro cilantro, and crispy onion.

Matcha Madness: 

As for matcha, if you’ve never had any, now is your chance. They not only have your everyday classic matcha, but they add twists to them like Jinja lemon which adds a delicious hint of ginger and lemon! Matcha x Coco which has some yummy coconut milk! There’s plenty of other options; they also sell sake and more for those of us 21 and up! 

Images courtesy of POK the Raw Bar