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The Oscars 2019 Recap: No Host, No Problem

With gorgeous dresses (and suits), A-list celebrities, and the best movies of the year, what could it be…THE OSCARS has arrived, ladies and gentlemen. This is definitely one for the books, as for the first time since 1989, the Oscars was host-less. No one to welcome us and tell us why we were watching beautiful people in very expensive clothing. There was no witty opening or a song and dance through the best picture nominees, but that was okay. Oh, and that usually embarrassing opening monologue was absent, but that was okay. I am not sure anyone really missed it.  

Some people have the Super Bowl, some have the World Series, and some of us have this night. It is a night of glamour and hopefulness that our favorite movie or star will end up with the little golden man. This Oscars show wasn’t really any different this year in a way. The fashion was there, the stars were there, and the subtle hints of Hollywood politics were there. People still lined the streets hours ahead to catch a glimpse of the stars, and the stars still had the red carpet to walk along which helped build the excitement.

The loss of the fabulous over the top opening act that everybody talks about the morning after… well, that may have paved the way for the smooth entrance of the next generation of Hollywood stars. A new Hollywood that is saying “let’s focus on the talent of the night of who we are here to honor.” 

The one moment that might have benefitted from having a host was the show’s closing. Julia Roberts came to the stage and basically said “it’s time to go home, everyone.” A-listers and the older Hollywood might use that moment of awkwardness as a way to say “this is what happens when you try to change things.”

Change can be good, though. We are still here for fun, but maybe, just maybe, let the show be about the actors and the craft. With the time saved, they can possibly add in the other winners whose awards were always deemed less noteworthy and awarded during commercial break.

In 2019 there was no host for the Oscars…and it didn’t really matter.

Brooke Weber Is the first year at Southern Methodist University. She is majoring in Advertising with a minor graphic design and photography. As a true northerner does, she loves the cold and the snow! She loves living a healthy lifestyle, born and raised vegan! You will definitely are be going to find her looking on all the style trends for the coming Seasons
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