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Online Shopping Tips

With the growing amount of online shopping sites like Asos, Nasty Gal, and Gilt Groupe, it is easy to get caught up in the thrill of adding items to your virtual shopping carts and anxiously await your package to arrive on your door step. Sometimes the excitement of having your next LBD or killer pair of jeans at the click of a mouse can cloud our judgments on whether or not the online purchase is the best for body or our wallet. Not to worry, there are just a few simple questions and precautions to take to make sure your new going out outfit is the right choice for you.

Will it look the same?
Most of the time, it is the image given on the website that first grabs our attention. But what is often forgotten is that the models chosen to wear the garments are usually somewhere around 5’10 and 110 lbs. Unless you have that kind of figure, the clothing is most likely going to fit a little differently. If you’ve ever shopped online at Victoria’s Secret for a swimsuit, you know what I’m talking about. Before buying something, make sure to check out the size chart that is given with the details of the clothes. If you know your measurements, this will make it easier for you to make sure you are buying the correct size. The site may also tell you the actual measurements of the model, so that can also be helpful when deciding on your size.
Be wary of unnatural poses by the models as well. If they have their body crooked or posing in a way you normally wouldn’t stand, make sure to click through some of the other pictures given to give a better representation.
Shipping Costs
Be on the lookout for high shipping costs, as this can seriously hike up the price for your purchased items online. Some things you can do to reduce or even eliminate the shipping costs is to look for specials the website may be having on shipping. Most stores and online boutiques have certain times each month were they advertise free shipping if you type in a promo code when checking out. Do not fall under the trap of “free shipping if your spend this much”, because you’ll end up spending more money than you would if you had just paid the shipping costs.
Return Policies
Before purchasing anything online, make sure you are familiar with the websites return policy. Some stores online may have a lineate policy, where you get a prepaid envelope to return your garment or that you are able to return it to the actual store. But watch out for the time frame that you are given to return your items. Many require you to have them back in the mail within a week of receiving them. One way to make sure you don’t miss your deadline is to put it in the calendar of your phone so it will alert you when the time is coming to put it back in the mail. Also, if you buy something on sale, make sure they allow you to return it. Many sale items are final sale, so be extra cautious before buying them. Same goes for jewelry and intimates!
Online Reviews
Another way to make you more comfortable with an online purchase is to check out the reviews that other buyers have said about the product. They are often helpful when wondering if an item will run small or large or if the quality of the material is what it looks like in the picture. This is usually done in a star system and then the buyer can give a little blurb about the product.
Whether you’re shopping online or in a store, you should always aim to feel confident in whatever you buy. Just make sure to be cautious of the sneaky ways online sites can mislead you! 

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