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A New Kind of Bar: Pure Barre

If you’re in the mood for loud music and lots of action, look no further than your local barre.  Pure Barre, that is, as in the boutique fitness studio located at the northwest corner of Greenville Avenue and Southwestern.  The workout you’ll get there is loosely based on principles of classical ballet; the Pure Barre facility even looks like a dance studio, complete with floor-to-ceiling mirrors and a wraparound ballet barre.  But fear not:  No dance experience is required.  All you need is a break in your schedule to move to some awesome music and a desire to develop the long, lean muscles of a ballerina.  And who doesn’t want that?
Pure Barre’s method also incorporates elements of Pilates and weights in its 55-minute classes.  Each routine during class works a different muscle, always to the tune of upbeat music.  “Small isometric movements,” without any bouncing or jumping is the way Pure Barre describes its workouts. 
Sounds easy, but don’t be fooled.  I’m a diehard runner, who didn’t expect much intensity from Pure Barre’s non-cardio method.  But after attending classes for the past month, I have to admit that these “simple” workouts never cease to kick my butt!
 In my experience, class sizes haven’t exceeded 15 people, and with Pure Barre’s proximity to SMU, I always seem to see a familiar face from campus.  The studio even accommodates students who wish to come to class with a group of friends by offering private classes.
SMU’s Pi Beta Phi sorority recently had a chance to take advantage of a private session at Pure Barre.   Member Taryn Viole stated that the private session kept the size of the group even smaller than in a regular class, allowing for more individual attention from the instructor.  She said other advantages included the comfort level of exercising with your friends and the discounts that can be obtained from taking class as a group, particularly if you book more than one session at a time.   While regular classes cost $20 per person per session, Viole said that the group session ended up costing each participant only $5.
Next time you’re headed off campus for some bar time, instead of hitting up Wish bar or Home bar, take a chance and give Pure Barre a try.

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