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Navigating Dallas

So you’ve chosen to go to college in a city you know nothing about except that it has some decent pro sports teams and warm weather. However, what you don’t yet know is the awesomeness that is Dallas. The city has so many different parts that are all conveniently ten minutes away from each other. Seriously, you could go from some high-end retail therapy in Highland Park Village to barhopping down lower Greenville in a matter of minutes. Knowing this, I’ve outlined a few of the basic areas of Dallas so that you know how to take advantage of what this amazing city has to offer.  

Highland Park: Home to SMU, Highland Park has everything a collegiette™could want. Snider Plaza is a personal favorite of many SMU students, probably due to Banditos, Penne Pomodoro and Yummilicious. Looking for a cute sundress for the Boulevard on Saturday? The Impeccable Pig or Cotton Island, still in Snider but facing Hillcrest Road, are two of HP’s most popular boutiques.  However, if you’re looking to window-shop the likes of Harry Winston, Tory Burch and Chanel, Highland Park Village is only a few minutes drive from campus at Mockingbird and Preston. While you’re there, grab lunch at Celebrity Bakery and enjoy some frozen yogurt for dessert.

Uptown: If you’re a twenty-something-year-old professional in Dallas, you’re living in Uptown. Five minutes from SMU and downtown Dallas, Uptown is this perfectly situated area that has all the trendiest bars, food and people.  Though pricier than Greenville, you’ll get what you pay for.

Greenville Bar District: Lower Greenville is the Bourbon Street of Dallas. Though there’s still an open container law and no balconies to throw beads off of, this street is lined with bars and restaurants that are fun, cheap and easy to get into.  Bars like Zephyrs and M Street are favorites of the SMU fraternities to rent out. However, the area can be a little sketchy, so don’t go wandering down the street to Greenville pizza by yourself. 
Knox-Henderson:  Another area known for delicious food and drinks is Knox-Henderson. It’s lined with tons of restaurants that are perfect for birthday dinners and parents weekend (they’re a little pricier but again worth it). Sushi Axiom and Victor Tango’s are personal favorites, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them.
Keep in mind that Dallas has much more to offer than just these few areas. Make sure to spend a Sunday walking around downtown or wandering around NorthPark. There’s so much to do and see that it can’t all be summed up into one article. However, hopefully this helps give you a better idea about the possibilities. Go out and explore- it’s all worth it.

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