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Must-Go Restaurants Before Graduation

After moving to Dallas, Umphrey Lee was the only eating spot I knew. Now in my final year at SMU, I want to share what I think are must-go restaurants in Dallas. In no particular order, below are ten necessary restaurants to try before you obtain that much desired diploma:


1. Victor Tango’s: When picking a fun casual place to have dinner and drinks before weekly Homebar, Victor Tango’s is an ideal spot. With intriguing cocktails, delicious appetizers, and flat bread choices there is no reason to not try this amazing restaurant. In order to try all the best dishes, family style is the best way to insure you have a chance to try everything. Make sure to order the ahi tuna nachos and any of the flatbreads for all to share!

2. Five Sixty: Unfortunately, with the location and prices this is not a casual, every week kind of restaurant. With the amazing view of Dallas and the slow 360 degree rotation during the meal, this is a great spot to celebrate, go on a date, or bring your family while they are in town. Along with the elaborate meals, Five Sixty has great drinks making the experience one you can’t forget.

3. Common Table: Common Table is perfect for both brunch and dinner. Their brunch menu has everything from chicken and waffles to eggs benedict while their dinner menu has spicy shrimp wraps, calamari, chicken fried steak, and chicken sandwiches. The must have item on the menu is the skittles sangria. Yes, skittle. They give you the option of red or white wine blended with real skittles to add a new fun flavor.

4. Sangria: For all you fellow sangria lovers, make a pit stop at Sangria in Uptown. Sharing pitchers of flavored sangria and small Greek inspired appetizers makes Sangria a perfect pregame to your night.

5. Mi Cocina: Mi Cocina is a delicious Mexican restaurant! They have three locations around the Dallas area, one in Highland Park Village right down the street from SMU. Here is another place to have fun before going out. However, be careful! Their signature drink called “Mambo Taxi’s” might not taste too strong, however after two you will definitely feel the effect!

6. The Porch: Again another great spot to gather before heading out on the town with your girls! With fun fruit inspired cocktails to get the night going, there are a plethora of soups and salads along with some main dishes of salmon, chicken, pasta, etc. Located right near Victor Tangos, it’s a happening spot to eat dinner! They don’t take reservations, so get there early!

7. Nick and Sam’s: Which one? Steakhouse or grill? I say both! The grill is best for brunch before heading over to Ice House. The Steakhouse is better for date night or when the family is in town!

8. Tei Tei’s: Who doesn’t love sushi? Being an avid sushi lover, Tei Tei’s is a must go for me. I love Kyoto and Axiom but Tei Tei’s has more sushi options than any sushi menu I have ever seen. It is a great place for a date, celebration, or family! Bring friends and family who appreciate sushi the way you do, and it’ll be a perfect dining experience.

9. Company Cafe: With a similar menu and atmosphere that Common Table has, it is right next door to Katy Trail Ice House. It’s a great place to wander over to after a full day hanging out at Ice House.

10. Sevy’s Grill: Located over by Present Center, Sevy’s Grill is a great family spot. With delicious dishes and lots of appetizer options, it makes it almost hard to choose what to order. Sevy’s, like almost all the other restaurants, has great fruity drinks along with a full bar.

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