Multi-Use Makeup: Speed Up Your Routine!

Now that we are a little ways into the semester, my drive to look decent in the morning has plateaued. However, without my eyebrows filled in I look similar to the weird looking sun emoji, and the fear of being mixed up with a minimally-used emoji kicks me into gear. I have found that utilizing multi-use makeup products significantly speeds up my routine which equates to more sleep, which I’m sure we ALL need. So, here are my tips for using multi-use makeup to make your mornings shorter and more productive!

1. Eyebrows

So my eyebrows are pretty thin and spotty, *gLaMoRoUs* I know, forcing me to fill them in every morning. Earlier in the year, I was using a pomade/ powder duo that I still like to bust out for fancier occasions. However, this was applied with an angled brush and sleepy-me would often have to clean up some strokes. I’ve recently found that I much prefer to use an eyebrow pencil with a brush on the end. One product can equal groomed eyebrows in literally under 30 seconds. There are also eyebrow pencil/wax duos if your eyebrows can’t be tamed. Finally, there are eyebrow pencil/highlighter combos that can really sharpen your eyebrow shape! 


Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil. Get it here.


2.  Eyes

Depending on your eye shape, these tips may be tweaked. For example, I wear eyeshadow pretty regularly, but my mom avoids it because she claims it makes her look like she has a black eye. Anyway, my first tip for eyes are palettes that have designated steps. It looks pretty put-together when you have a look, so I like these because they make you look fancier in no-time, without the pressure of figuring out which colors go where. 


Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Eyeshadow. Get it here.


Another great product are highlighter sticks. I like to swipe these over my eyes because they take no effort and are a fun pop of color. I have one I found on clearance at Nordstrom Rack for around $3 and its pinky and effortless.


Image via Total Beauty


For mascaras, I like to use something with a primer on one end and mascara on the other. If I don’t have time to curl my lashes, two swipes give me fuller looking lashes.


L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Superstar Mascara. Get it here.


Finally I have heard that lipstick can be a great substitute for not only eyes but basically whole face. I personally haven’t tried it, but in essence it seems similar to using a cream eyeshadow or cream blush. If there is a really nice neutral lipstick you love, I definitely think its worth a shot!

3. Lips

In the mornings, I am not the most coordinated. Nor am I the rest of the day… but that’s beside the point. I know that as much as I love a fun pigmented lip, I’m not always able to apply it accurately. To combat my lack of coordination, I like to stick to a gloss in the morning. I’ve found products that have a light lipstick formula on one end and then a gloss on the other to smooth out your work. There are also dual-ended lipsticks with a lipstick on one end and a liner on the other for a more pigmented style. 


Aesthetica Lip Trip. Get it here.


4. Face

BB CREAM, CC CREAM, _ _ CREAM, USE IT! I love this stuff. It moisturizes and you can literally apply it with your hands. It’s not really full coverage but it is buildable. However, a little bit can make you look smoother and more awake. It doesn’t remove depth from your face because it is light coverage, so there is no need to contour. Super easy and super quick; work this in to your routine ASAP!


Clinique Moisture Surge™ CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector Broad Spectrum SPF 30. Get it here.


5. My Secret Fave

…VASELINE! Ya’ll, this stuff is the bomb. It makes me think of Marilyn Monroe because it is definitely an old fashioned cosmetic tip. However, this is wonderful for an overnight moisturizer. It looks great as lip gloss, and you can dab a little on as highlighter. It works for everything. A MIRACLE PRODUCT!

6. Hair

When it comes to hair, no matter what type of hair texture you have, a good de-tangler and a bottle of John Frieda’s Frizzease can do wonders. De-tangling after a shower keeps your hair healthy and less knotted, Frizzease keeps think smooth and silky.


John Frieda Frizzease. Get it here.


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