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Meet SMU Dance Marathon Founder Kimi Rose

SMU is proud to be home to world changers, and it all starts with the moment a student decides to become a leader. We are proud here at Her Campus to present SMU’s Leading Ladies, taking charge and making a difference in the community.

This week, we are excited to present one of Her Campus SMU’s very own, Kimi Rose. Rose is also the executive director of SMU’s first ever Dance Marathon.

“My sister went to Indiana University, and that’s where it actually started,” Rose said. “Being in high school and just seeing how that impacted her, it inspired me. Looking at colleges, I kind of just assumed every college would have Dance Marathon.”

Rose, 20, has been busy getting the organization running for an entire year, from building an executive board to writing a constitution and bylaws for the SMU chapter. Now a junior studying journalism with minors in international studies, advertising and fashion media, Rose is busier than ever. She has raised more than $3,000 for the organization on her own.

“It will be worth it and it has been worth it,” she said.

Under her leadership, SMU has raised more than $20,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network. Originally, Rose set a goal for each executive board member to raise $350, but most went above and beyond.

“My family was committed to donating, and my sister’s friends were donating too,” Rose said. “My mom will donate sometimes and I have to say ‘Stop, you’ve already donated, you don’t need to keep doing this!’ And she says ‘No, it’s fine!'”

Her entire family’s commitment to the Dance Marathon organization has been continuous. Rose and her older sister gave up their 2016 Family Weekend at SMU to attend the dance marathon where it all started in Indiana.

“It was their 25th anniversary, and it was so fun! I was so lucky to see that Dance Marathon take place,” Rose said.

Seeing the joy it brought to children there, she became even more determined to make SMU’s Dance Marathon a raving success.

“Feeling like a part of something bigger than yourself and coming together as a unit to do something for others is so rewarding,” Rose said.

Callie is a sophomore at Southern Methodist University, double-majoring in French and Fashion Media and minoring in Journalism.
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