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Meet the New HCSMU Staff Writers

Applications were turned in. Selections were made. We #bonded with our new staff members at our member orientation last Wednesday with some celebrity trivia, ice breakers, and cupcakes (thanks Christina!). Hopefully you joined in on our bonding experience via Snapchat (@HerCampusSMU, also, S/O to Emma for tuning in and winning herself a back to school survival kit!), but if you missed it, meet our new 2016-2017 staff writers now!

Alanis Quintero 

Year and Major: I’m a sophomore, currently pre-business and a journalism major with a minor in Spanish.

Hometown: Panama City, Panama. 

Fun Fact: I don’t know, I went to the Grand Canyon with my best friends last spring break does that count? 

Alexandra Acosta

Majors: Fashion Media and Finance.

Hometown: Miami, FL.

Fun facts: I am Cuban. I was born in the car on the way to the hospital, and one of my hobbies is fashion sketching.

Alexis Kopp

Year and Major: I am a junior majoring in education and English with a specialization in creative writing.

Hometown: I was born in St. Louis, MO but have lived in Lewisville, Texas, which is a suburb of Dallas, all but one year of my life. I love Lewisville and proudly say I’m from there (totally a Texan thing to be overly proud of your home state/city).

Fun Fact: I studied in Oxford this summer and got to travel to Brussels, Venice, Milan, and Paris!

Anna Horowitz: 

Year and Major: Junior. Political Science and Philosophy major.

Hometown: Allen, TX.

Fun Fact: I have bought (and still buy) a book from every city I visit, and Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows give me life.

Avery Kout

Year and Major: I am a first year and a marketing major.

Hometown: I am from Iowa City, Iowa. 

Fun Fact: I love to play golf!

Catherine Lehman

Year and Major: I’m a senior majoring in psychology and minoring in English.

Hometown: I’m from Pasadena, CA.

Fun Fact: Last semester I went abroad through Semester at Sea where I lived on a ship and traveled to 10 countries! 

Charlotte Hayward

Year and Major:  Junior, pursuing bachelor of arts in journalism, and minoring in religious studies

Hometown: Winnetka, IL.

Fun Fact: I’m a health nut and love to travel!

Elizabeth Whan

Year and Major: I’m a sophomore majoring in sports management with a minor in advertising.

Hometown: I’m from Pasadena, CA which is a suburb in LA.

Fun Fact: I play ice hockey.

Grace Reon

Year and Major: Freshman. Public Policy and Human Rights.

Hometown: Smithfield, VA.

Fun Fact: I can rap every word to the musical “Hamilton!”

Hannah Jones

Year and Major: I’m a freshman majoring in journalism.

Hometown: Houston,TX.

Fun Fact: I have run five half marathons.

Karna Small

Year and Major: Freshman, planning to study business and public relations.

Hometown: Orange County, California.

Fun Fact: I play club volleyball at SMU.

Kimi Rose

Year and Major: Junior, majoring in journalism.

Fun Fact: I was in show choir all throughout high school. Picture something like Glee- but more choreographed and with much uglier outfits. 

Mae Harris

Year and Major: Freshman, English major.

Hometown: Washington D.C.

Fun Fact: I’m obsessed with the band HAIM!

Neha Husein

Year and Major: Sophomore from Carrollton, TX, majoring in human rights and marketing with a minor in advertising.

Hometown: Carrolton, TX.

Fun Fact: I enjoy cooking, drinking lattes, and playing with my dog, Teddy.

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Gabby is a sophomore at SMU majoring in Creative Advertising and Fashion Media and minoring in Graphic Design. She is a member of Tri Delta, and she loves traveling, puppies, and all things art. You can follow her on Instagram @gabrielle_grubb
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