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Max Mitchell

Name: Max Mitchell
Year: Junior
Hometown: Pasadena CA

Major: Sport Management

Greek Affiliation: SAE

Describe your ideal date: Get authentic cuisine neither of us have tried at hole-in-the-wall place, build bonfire on beach, roast marshmallows til the sun goes down.

Dream job: Ski Instructor

Favorite physical female feature: Eyes

Drink of choice: Gatorade fierce melon

Article of clothing you couldn’t live without: Light blue Vans

Superpower of choice: Pause time (like Adam sander in Click)

Most embarrassing moment: In my 3rd grade school play, emperors new clothes, as emperor, had to do whole play in boxers.

Fact people would be surprised to know about you: I believe in aliens.

Two truths and a lie: Swam with dolphins, saved baby turtles, I have every state quater!

Song that would be the soundtrack of your life: Stacy’s Mom

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