Marie Lawrence on Choreographing for SMU's Brown Bag Dance

Early this fall, The Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University was host to a dance performance unique in its informality and student-lead creativity. The following is an interview we conducted with one of the event's choreographers! 

Her Campus SMU: First of all, tell me about yourself and what you do at SMU?

My name is Marie Lawrence, I’m from Dallas and I am a senior dance major at Southern Methodist University. I also have a minor in arts management. 

HCSMU: Now can you tell us a little bit about the Brown Bag Dance Series and your involvement with it?

ML: Brown Bag is a show that the SMU dance department puts together every semester. It is entirely student choreographed, and it takes place during lunch hours, hence the name “Brown Bag”. This semester was my first time choreographing for Brown Bag. 


Photo by Tania Lopez


HCSMU: What makes this event unique?

ML: Brown Bag is unique because it is a free show in a very casual environment. We put down a stage in the Bob Hope Lobby and anyone can come by and catch the show during their lunch break. This show is a great chance for other students to see what the dance majors have been up to. 


Photo by Tania Lopez


HCSMU: When was this event, and will it happen again?

ML: It took place the first week of October. It will happen again next semester!

HCSMU: For someone who doesn't normally go to Meadows Events, why should they attend this one?

ML: If you don’t normally attend Meadows events, this is a good one to attend because it is very unique, and there is a great fun energy at every Brown Bag show. There’s no pressure because of the casual environment, and it gives you a chance to see a side of SMU that usually isn’t showcased in public.


Photo by Tania Lopez


HCSMU: What are your biggest takeaways from participating in the series so far?

ML: Brown Bag was a great chance for me to use my voice and create something that was meaningful to me. As an artist it is a great way to put out work and gain experience. 

HCSMU: Finally, can you tell us about your favorite experience?

ML: The best part of Brown Bag for me was getting to show everyone my work and hear feedback. It was great to see my friends and family in the audience!

Photo by Tania Lopez

Article images courtesy of Marie Lawrence's Instagram