Local Floral Finishes for 4 Home Styles

With the sun shining longer and the grass getting greener, it's pretty clear that spring has sprung. Winter seems long gone as trees are growing new leaves and animals awaken from their hibernating slumber across America. But if you're not living in an area surrounded by acres of land and nature, the clearest sign of spring for citygoers is the new seasonal flowers for sale at your local flower market. While nothing brightens up a room more than a fresh bouquet of flowers, how do you know what flowers will look good in your home and blend accordingly with your style? 

Her Campus SMU is here to help. Just find the closest home decor style that matches yours and read what kind of flora will spruce up your space. All flower and plant suggestions can be found locally at Dallas Wholesale Flowers, The Corner Market and Treasured Blossoms Flower Market

Glam: While everything that glitters may just be gold (and silver) accents in your home, large and striking floral arrangements can add to your high-end style without overwhelming the room or having the flowers being lost in the space.

Flowers: Orchids, peonies, "Miniature Snowflake" Mock Oranges, Hydrangeas, tulips

Colors: White, coral, yellow

Industrial: Because this style is very niche, it can be hard to find flowers that compliment edgy, rusted and sharp components of your space. This is exactly why succulents and plants are recommended to brighten up the room. They provide greenery and color to darker, neutrals most industrial styles follow without adding too much femininity. 

Plants/Succulents: Burro's tails, Hens-and-chicks, pincushion cacti, panda plants, snake plants

Colors: Green, yellow

Modern: Modern home decor prioritizes sleek, clean lines and sometimes emphasize minimalism. Since modern colors rarely stray from variations of white-and-black shades, simple, single bloom flowers match the level of sophistication modern homes bring without "fussing" up the space. If you're feeling adventurous, adding a pop of color at a focal point in a room can highlight the space and draw visitors in. 

Flowers: Blush queen proteas, white anemone, Picasso calla lillies, dahlias, Hydrangeas

Colors: White, blush, yellow

Rustic: Nothing is more natural or earthy than rustic home decor. To compliment the many hues that are probably in your home (channeling off-whites, browns, soft blues and mint), having a bouquet of multiple flowers paired together rather than a bunch of one kind will tie the space together just like the painted frames, "worn" wooden furniture, fuzzy throws and mason jars tie the shabby chic ambiance of your room to create a cohesive, relaxing environment.

Flowers: Wildflowers, roses, baby's breaths, Eucalyptus leaves, Dianthus

Colors: Cream, gray, green