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Local Entrepreneurs Doing Wonders for Women's Empowerment

Women all over the globe are stepping up to set an example and help other women become empowered, encouraged and unified. Two of these women are Gauthami Vemula and Renae Virata, co-founders of UGauGrrl, a Dallas-based blog and clothing company aimed at supporting and empowering women and girls “of every background”. Their site was a result of Vemula’s blog, Wheatish Complexion, where she spoke about her life as an Indian American woman, and how other women can uplift themselves and others. In a brief phone interview, I had the chance to ask the women a few questions about UGauGrrl. When asked about their inspiration for UGauGrrl, they said that they noticed girls needed more positive role models, and through a feature called Modern Muse on their blog they highlight different successful women to serve as examples to their young audience. 

Black girl at computer desk writing in journal write natural work corporate african Photo by from Pexels The idea for UGauGrrl started in 2015 when Vemula and Virata noticed the potential it had. Then they began collecting stories from different women, collecting their experiences into a cohesive message. UGauGrrl successfully launched in November 2016, and has been going strong ever since! The core ideal that they wish people to take away from UGauGrrl is that they “want women to realize their gifts” and “encourage women and girls to speak out and use their gifts”. 

Regarding the future of their company, they both wish to expand and add a guideline, highlight more iconic women, add more styles to their store, and gain more visibility to more effectively convey their message, and I believe I can speak for everyone when I say I cannot wait for them to do so!   Black woman on floor colored color glass light lighting sun shine shining rainbow shadows Photo by Jeremy Bishop from Pexels From everyone here at HerCampus, we wish them the best of luck!