KNOW YOUR MEME: Halloween Edition

Take a second to browse through Twitter.

I’m willing to bet your feed was filled with Halloween memes.  One of the things I treasure most about October is the ever-evolving meme culture for the holiday. If you are a novice and feel left out of the loop, this quick guide can help you




Spooky Usernames

A great introduction to Hallomemes, the spooky name change is a perfect entry into the world of Halloween meme participation. The simple addition of “spooky” to your username, specifically Twitter, is a widely accepted display of spirit.


Dancing Pumpkin Man

Possibly my favorite Hallomeme, The Dancing Pumpkin Man first appeared in 2006, when a man in a black morph suit and a pumpkin mask danced to the tune of “Ghostbusters” on a local news station. Since its origin, it has been circulated on the world wide web, and most recently The Dancing Pumpkin Man resurfaced on America’s Got Talent. Whether or not he was a copycat of the original meme, the gyrating glory lives on.

Spooky Dwight

If you are a fan of the office I’m sure this image is already in your mind. The quirky, weird, lovable Dwight chose an extremely spooky halloween costume- a real hollowed jack-o-lantern on his head. Unfortunately, it gets stuck on his head, and we then get to watch him in his various attempts to get it off… please enjoy this video here.

The Skeleton War

The Skeleton War is most popular on Tumblr, but has eeked in to twitter and other social medias. It is basically just various skeleton memes circulated all in the name of the "Skeleton War." In 2013,  Twitter user @dril posted a tweet saying “if your grave doesnt say ‘rest in peace’ on it you are automatically drafted into the skeleton war.” The following years have seen increases in its retweets and likes.

Since the creation of this tweet, it has become one of the most popular Hallomemes yet.

David S. Pumpkins

Finally one of the most recent Hallomemes and one of my favorites… David S. Pumpkins. David S. Pumpkins is a character played by Tom Hanks on Saturday Night Live. Please take a look at this video, they truly capture him.

What are some of your favorite Hallomemes?


Feature Image courtesy of HelloGiggles

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