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Katie Sarah Roberts: Dallas Does Brunch

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMU chapter.



“No pictures, please,” is one common celeb phrase you’ll never hear blogger Katie Sarah Roberts say.


Roberts is cofounder of Dallas Does Brunch, or “DDB,” a blog that revolves around food and fashion. DDB has integrated high quality photography as part of the blog to show how delightful the “two Fs” can be.


The San Diego native jokes about the quirky details of her childhood that shaped the person she is today. She might be the only person at SMU (or ever) who had a duck named “Quackers,” but she is grateful to the school and to Dallas for the impact the culture has had on her life.





Here’s an exclusive look at Roberts and DDB:

HerCampus: What’s your background in fashion, photography and food?

Katie Sarah Roberts: My background in fashion stems from dance. In the past, I was a trained dancer and had to be willing to perform in anything from velvet bodysuits to blue-haired bobs. That willingness at a young age has made me more open to wearing whatever I want. Apparently, people think that’s fashionable, but I think that’s simply freedom.


Unfortunately after a lower back injury junior year of high school, I stopped dancing intensely. I used that “time off,” and most of college really, to explore other sides of creativity, including fashion and photography. I even signed up for an intro to guitar class this semester, so I guess it’s fair to say that I’m still exploring.


As for food, we all eat don’t we? Our taste buds are our own personal food critics. I just decided to capitalize on mine through vivid imagery on Dallas Does Brunch.

 HC: What gave you the idea to start the blog?

KSR: It all began one sunny Saturday afternoon at Common Table. After a few drinks, co-founder Lucy Sosa and I casually joked about blogging on our “eggs benediction.” (Translation: eggs benedict addiction.) After checking the web, we noticed that nothing had been done like DDB, and we realized we were onto something.

 HC: How do you think food and fashion work together?

KSR: Fashion and food are equally reliant on presentation. Stylists put aesthetically pleasing looks together for editorial shoots, just how chefs prepare their dishes to look good. (Or at least we think they should.)

 But quality is just as important as presentation. People purchase designer clothing not only for the appearance, but also for the fabric and the tailoring. It’s the same thing with food; people expect a good-looking dish to taste good too.

 Where food and fashion work together is in public or social settings. People who enjoying dining out often take the time to put themselves together. So what better time to capture the marriage of the two Fs than at brunch?

HC: Who have you gotten to work with?

KSR: I’m a huge fan of collaboration. Because of that, I encourage all of my talented friends to contribute to DDB. I’ve worked consistently with DDB co-founder Lucy Sosa, fellow writer Jess Johnson, and photographer Kevin Chung. (If you don’t know him now, you will soon. He’s an extremely talented fashion photographer.)

HC: What’s your favorite spot to brunch?

KSR: It’s too early in the game of brunching (which is a contact sport, by the way) to have a favorite. But I’ll have to give the unspoken award to Common Table for now, since that’s where DDB started!

HC: What are your plans for the future?

KSR: If I told you I had specific plans I’d be lying. You’ll just have to wait and see, and I guess I will too!

Roberts encourages Dallasites to dress up and brunch as often as possible. She might even put you on the site if you send her pictures!


Photo Credits: Kevin Chung and Erica Peñuñuri