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I Will NEVER Stop Using This Mascara

*This article is not sponsored and is just my opinion. My opinion does not reflect the opinions of Her Campus* 


Going to class is tiring, especially for anyone with an 8 a.m. For me, I always feel the need to look somewhat presentable and doing my makeup in the morning actually helps me wake up. I hate putting on a full face of makeup, I never have enough time and I have no idea how other girls manage.  


I aim for a natural look, so it doesn’t even look like I’m wearing makeup at all. This 5 minute process involves filling in my eyebrows, dotting concealer under my tired eyes, and applying mascara.   

Okay I love mascara, my eyelashes are so short and curling them and putting on mascara really does the trick! My favorite mascara right now is Benefit’s “They’re Real” primer mascara. I am OBSESSED with this, it does wonders for my lashes. A primer is basically like a first coat of mascara. Actual mascara; the thick black substance would be the top coat. “They’re real” is a brown mascara. That might puzzle a few people, but I swear this stuff is the best. The brush is super thin and has staggered bristles to really comb through my lashes and not clump them. I coat my lashes just a few times and it always looks fantastic. I really enjoy the color, because sometimes I don’t wanna go for a full eye makeup look with heavy black lashes, I just want to look simple and cute. This mascara enhances my lashes SO much. I cannot and will not stop using this product ever. It allows me to go for a very natural look, when applied, it just looks like my eyelashes are naturally long. But my secret is out! It’s all just from my “They’re Real” primer! 


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